Tuesday, October 5, 2010

100 days!

So I'm browing the inkernet last night and came across this website thay says:

Got a friend who needs cheering up? Or maybe you just want to tell them that you love them/miss them/really like their new haircut…
Well, why not say it with a singing tweetagram! Here’s how it works:
You tweet your messages adding #singingtweetagrams from now until Thursday
We pick the best ones as they come in, and send them straight to the studio
The Rockabellas turn them into lovely little songs within a few hours
We'll let you know when your tweet is ready so you can come here and send it!
So, what will you say in your singing tweetagram?

But I didn't catch that they would pick the best ones as they come in.....I had the idea of what I wanted them to sing before I got all the details...so I typed it up and sent it via tweet.
Then I got a tweet reply this morning:

So, after reading that.....I didn't really expect to get this next tweet just a little while ago:

Sooo....how cute is that?! You can listen here.

Oh...and for the record, technically, if you count today as a day of marriage, ten we would be married for 101 days now. Either way.... I love you, BSG! And, I hope for many, many more!


YM said...


Barry Green said...

Thanks, babe.

100 days and you haven't threatened to divorce me. Yet.

It's been fantastic!