Friday, October 8, 2010


I just called one of our jobsite superintendants to let him know I am mailing out some supplies he requested and wanted to verify that he would be onsite to receive the packages from UPS, because UPS will not leave the packages at an unattended jobsite.

So, I go through my whole talk that I make over and over and over every week. The superintendants are generally expecting my call and I could almost just say, “Yada yada yada, You gonna be at Jobsite # 1299 on Monday, right?”

This time, I ask if I’m speaking to David and he answers yes. After I go through the entire bit, the guy is apparently amused with my “Texan” accent and replies back real slow with, “Huun-neee, I believe you may have gotten the wrong David. You got the riiiight company, but we’re at a jobsite in Canada and nauugght in Teexxx-aaas.”


Cute, guy. Real cute.


He was still giggling when we were hanging up the phone.


For starters, I do NOT even talk that slow, second – my accent is NOT that bad and 3rd……well, ok…I have no 3rd. That might have been a little embarrassing, but so not my fault.


Apparently I have an auto-fill formula that fills in the superintendant’s cell phone number for me in an excel spreadsheet where I keep up with all the shipping requests. It’s nice to have – so I don’t have to look up the telephone number every time. BUT it’s off a line when looking up the info – somehow. At least I got a good laugh and a fairly good story out of that long distance call.


Now, I have a sweet friend named Jenny (shout-out to Ninny) …. She has the thickest Texan accent EVER!! Annnd, my younger kitten….hers is pretty distinct, too-BUT she didn’t get that from me.




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Anonymous said...

Jenny's isn't that bad. Her sister Melinda (shout out to Melinda) on the other hand does.