Thursday, October 7, 2010

Do What in Front of The Hubbie?

Ok - I was reading an article online giving away hints to a successful marriage. No, there's no trouble brewing in our crib..but good advice is always welcome.

Most of the hints/secrets made sense..

don't let the sun go down on your anger.
always kiss goodnight.
remind each other daily of your love for each other.
be free with your self.

Wait..... be free?
I read on.... it mentions that you should be able to do the five following things in front of your spouse without a problem. If you can do the five following things in front of/around your spouse then you can make it through anything together:
Burp. Ok, that's not too bad....not my style, but not too bad. As long as he doesn't burp the alphabet, then I can live with that.
Sit on the toliet. Ok, if I gotta tinkle...I guess it's not that big of deal. BUT him seeing me do....anything else.....that won't happen. Why? Cause I have kids and I've learned to lock the door.  Oh and there's that whole....I'm not comfortable with someone else in there during my time...thing.
Pass gas. He does that in front of me and it's over. Yep. Over. Me do that in front of him? Ha! Funny....that's not something that I do at all. Ever.
Pick our noses? What? Really...that's on the top five? What are we....toddlers? And they claim everybody does it. Some even in public. Ok, so I've seen that happen....but still for the rest of it...really?
And lastly....
Be comfortable naked.
Right. Yea, totally. Once I read this: "The day you start hiding that stuff is when lies start to happen." I had no doubt that a man wrote that article. Dude, maybe just maybe I'm hiding a little bit of chubby fat or stretch marks.

Maybe I should just stick with reading Cosmo.


YM said...

I could say LOTS about this but it would be TMI. ;P I'll just say, you can't believe everything you read.

Anonymous said...

Barry farts at the office all the time. I guess there are none left for you .