Monday, October 11, 2010

Lunch Time Quicke

·         How much longer will it be until certain four letter words are allowed on network tv? Five years? Ten years?

·         I can always tell when people call for directions when they aren’t listening. Drives me crazy that they travel in a truck over several states and don’t have any clue where they are actually going. We have a directions menu on our phone system – but they still hit “0” for operator and ask me for directions. I generally say three times (at least) that the turn is really easy to miss, the sign for the road is small and it’s not an actual exit. Then…I’ll still get a second call back from them stating they missed the turn.

·         My daughter is sooo tickled after hearing Hubbie talk in his sleep. She sooo wants to get a video of his talking. Of course, I would never post anything like that online. You believe me…..don’t you?

·         I was putting food up in the fridge Saturday when I thought I heard a car alarm outside. I galloped to the front to make sure it wasn’t the new family ride. It wasn’t. I went back to the kitchen and debated for a couple of minutes whether or not to leave lunch out since Hubbie hadn’t eaten yet. I had decided to leave it out, glanced at the game on the tv and noticed he was reviewing a play. I changed my mind, picked up two food boxes, opened the fridge door and our sweet little kitten fell out. My plan after eating was a nap. There’s no telling how long that cat would have stayed in the fridge. I totally didn’t see her in there. Sadly, I’m not sure that will keep her from hoping in there again.

·         Crazy kitten. Crazy, un-named little kitten. We’ve been calling it “Kitty”. I think that may become the name…for now.

·         I then went on to take the longest nap ever and woke up near supper time. We were supposed to go to a birthday party with a couple of friends. I woke up finding hubbie sleeping next to me.

·         We did manage to make Friday night’s double date with friends though. It was good fun and really, really good food.  

·         Puppy is doing really well with the term, “Leave It”. I drop a piece of food on the floor “accidentally”, say “Uh oh.” If she starts walking to it…..she’ll stop look at me, sit down and wait. When I tell her to leave it she just stares at it, looks at me, and eventually will turn and walk away…..unless, I pick it up, say “Yes!” and offer it to her from my hand.

·         We’ve had only two little accidents in the house over the weekend. Not bad. Both times we’re probably due to us not taking her outside. Which has brought me to read up on bell training. I think she can catch on pretty quickly.

·         I had the double crappiest nail experience ever! I made an appointment at my normal place with one of the faster women – cause I knew she would be fast – and told her I would be in a hurry. She took a pedicure seconds before I walked in and left me waiting 30 minutes past my appointment time. I walked out. I went across the street – they offered to get me through a pedicure and manicure at the same time quickly if I could just wait 15 minutes. I agreed. 20 minutes later I experience the slowest service EVER. I can home and noticed the polish already coming off the nails and they were sloppy. Ugh…I could have done a better job. (And that’s saying a LOT!) My normally very patient and happy natured (yet very strange) hubbie got a temper via text when I was finally paying. I didn’t mention to him that I could have texted him to update him waaay sooner – but couldn’t get the phone to work. I had to restart it twice. That was the most frustrating two hours I’ve spent in a while.

·         I might have snuck the puppy in with me in a purse. Shhh….don’t tell.

·         It’s time to get this bad phone situation under control. Quickly.

·         Speaking of an angry husband…..every now and then, I swear he over-reacts. Like THIS would make him mad? Ok, maybe he didn’t over-react. At least he was well rested when he discovered it.

·         Not much to the thoughts today…..(as opposed to any other day).



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Judy said...

Ha!!! I did not expect that! (The pic) It's not like it was "posted" on your blog for everybody to see, right??
Just tell him he looked so adorable, you couldn't resist! ;)