Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday. Finally.

·         I was being silly with the Precious Puppy this morning. I walked really really slow up to her without saying a word and without breaking eye contact. I thought it would be funny. She didn’t think so. She flipped out….barking, jumping in a circle, jumping at me and then tinkling on the bed. On my side of the bed. Ok, maybe that wasn’t so funny.

·         Last night the hubbie and I were arguing. He was being a pain. Naturally it goes without saying, I was right and he was wrong. The fact that I can’t remember what the deal was is of no concern.  At one moment, after not speaking to each other for a few minutes, he paused the tv. I look his way and asked him a question (once again I can’t remember what specifically I asked – but still, the what is irrelevant). Without a moment’s hesitation, he replied, “Yea, I’m gonna go ahead and answer yes on this one.” Cracked me up.

·         Ugh…it drives me crazy when arguments end that way. It’s supposed to win with me standing tall, with my arms crossed, looking down at him – while he begs for my forgiveness and vows to never doubt me again……not with him making me laugh and forget that we were arguing in the first place. I swear….I have the memory of a goldfish. Unfair.

·         Next week on The Office, all of Michael Scott’s past lovers are coming back to the visit. That outta be nice and awkward. I still say the need the manager from the British Office and Michael Scott to have an episode together with some sort of goofy competition to see which the better Regional Manager is.

·         I still haven’t sat and watch last week’s Survivor yet and I have a feeling I know who got voted off based on The Hubbie’s slip up last night. HE referred to the episode as The Jimmy Johnson one? I’m not sure if he was referring to the episode as the one that Jimmy get’s voted off of, or if he was referring to that show as The Jimmy Johnson one.

·         Either way, I’m watching it this weekend and then I’m turning around and watching this week’s episode right after. I love back to back episodes.

·         Last night Hubbie tried to determine if I was insane for not wanting the kittens to watch the recorded Modern Family with us. Is it wrong that my reason was because it has two gay guys living together and raising an adopted baby? I have friends that are male and gay. Those gay guys have lungs, knees, fingers, toes, hearts, ears…..all the same as myself – and they are also extremely creative, incredibly wonderful, honest, loving, selfless, awesome guys. The Kittens know they are gay….and I take a lotta pride in not judging people and really trying to raise the Kittens to be open minded, not quick to assume anything, and determine the truth for themselves.

·         It’s date night and I’m feeling feisty….like dancing or a new sushi restaurant or going to a batting cage or something. We’re meeting some friends for supper tonight and their stopping by our house to see the improvements and meet the newest family members. I’m very excited to have them over. It’s always fun to hang out with friends.

·         Then my sweet mother is bringing cheesecake over on Sunday, eating supper with us and even putting herself through losing a game of cards to me.

·         My nails are horribly horrible and embarrassingly embarrassing. Do you think my boss would let me take off early so I can get my nails done, jog, and have time to pretty up for the evening?



·         *Cough, cough* Oh dear….I don’t feel well. Do I sound like I have a fever? I should probably go home and rest to make sure this doesn’t turn out to be something really really bad.





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Anonymous said...

First, the gay guys' parts are not all the same as yours. Second, the use of the parts are a little different.