Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lunchtime Thoughts

We’re going to my grandparents in Arkansas this weekend for my cousin’s wedding. That’s a Looooong Drive!
By flying there, Mother is cheating herself out of all the fun we will be having on that incredibly loooong drive. I looked into flying too, but the cost was waaaay too much for the four of us. Roadtrip alphabet game… we come!
Grandparents have a new house with a pool –is it too cold for swimming in AR? It’ll be heated – but I’m not a fan of the cold.
We’re. Not. Taking. The. Fancy. Pretty. New. Car. We’re taking his that’s not….quite so fancy, but still a great car.
In fashion news……Big kitten was instructed to wear normal fingernail polish and she was upset with me when I informed her that blue is not what I consider normal. It was pretty close to becoming a full fledge argument.
I’ve been pretty good about keeping my mouth shut on her choices of fashion, but blue fingernail polish to a wedding was NOT something I was going to let her get away with.
Ok, summer is over, and since I am such a guru on today’s fashion….. when I wear a nice dress to the wedding Saturday, am I supposed to wear panty hose? I’ve been wearing jeans too long and can’t remember the panty hose rules.
We went to the book store last night to get a couple of books to keep us busy on the trip. Big kid picks out Gossip Girl. I knew that was a tv show at one point – but I never watched it. Then she hands me the book during supper and asks me to read the first sentence. The second word had the f bomb in it. Uh oh. Ok, ok…so I read/skim through more of the book to see if the content or story line is as bad as the language. Yep. So, she is now forbidden to read that book. It talked about sex, drugs, drinking…… all the stuff that we pretend doesn’t exist right now because she is so young.
She has a band concert tonight and she will be sitting first chair. Yay! First all A’s and now 1st chair!
Also, the other morning she accused me of being The Tooth Fairy.  Me? Hmpfh! She better be glad The Tooth Fairy already left her money for her last tooth cause I bet The Tooth Fairy wouldn’t leave her another dime if she thought the kitten didn’t believe in …….. Hey, Wait Just A Cotton Pickin’ Minute…… Wow. That kitten is good!
Did you know that calling someone else’s phone and hearing your own voice for their voice mail message is kinda weird? I had to set up someone’s voice mail at work and recorded the outgoing message verbatim to the one we have on everyone else’s. IT never changed it.  
Speaking of weird, I went by the empty house yesterday to make sure there still wasn’t any bums hiding out in there. I went in my old room, opened the bathroom door and was greeted by the Biggest Lizard EVER in there.
I am not exaggerating (this time) when I tell you it was bigger than our kitten. Seriously, it was like an iguana but different.
I have no clue how it got in there. It’s waaay too big to have come from the bathroom or sink drain. There aren’t any cracks or holes in there and the door sits too close to the floor. The only way I could imagine it getting in there was from the AC vent on the ceiling.
Puppy update: We have now mastered TeeTeePoddy, Sit, Leave It, Stay, Down (belly on floor), We’re working on Take It and the bell – which the cat still thinks is a toy so that hasn’t been going very well. Annnd the barking isn’t bad at all.
I bought two dog books last night, one for training and the other for Yorkshire Terriers. I’m so into this dog thing.
By the way, puppy is going on the trip with us, but the turtle, kitten and other dog isn’t. Is $40 enough for a teenager to turtle sit, doggie sit and kitty sit for a weekend?
I think it’s time for my estrogen shot. I’ve been scatterbrained all week.


Anonymous said...

Pantyhose ? You don't even wear panties.

Anonymous said...

No pantyhose! They drive me insane.


mzchief said...

* Congratulations on your daughter getting first chair.

* I would exfoliate my legs and feet then use a light tanning lotion for a couple of days and forgo wearing stockings.

* Awesome job on training Precious. Yorkies are not the easiest dogs to train.

Kat said...

I went without the stockings. I decided it was too much of a hassle, too nice outside....but I'm not sure I've ever exfoliated anything.
I should probably try that.