Tuesday, October 5, 2010

·         Little girls singing rock band loudly and way off key to songs they don’t know is pretty entertaining.

·         I am exhausted today. Oddly, for the last three days, I’ve felt just over poweringly sleepy.(I’m pretty sure “poweringly” is a word) At work, where it can be too quiet, I’m having the worst time staying awake. We’re not supposed to listen to music or have headphones on of any kind, but I may have to start breaking the rules. I won’t be alone in the rule breaking. I can hear someone else’s muffled music. It’s either my head hits the desk and I start snoring or I stick one earpiece in and stay awake, alert and in a better mood.

·         Have you heard of the shoes, “TOMS”? Have any of ya actually worn them? I saw a pair Sunday and thought they looked like the silliest things on a guy’s feet – but the guys swore up and down that they were the most comfortable shoes ever! Annnd, when you purchase a pair of Tom’s, the company donates a pair to a child in need in a developing country. Not a bad idea.

·         Speaking of shopping….guess who’s family truckster bit the dust…finally? It’s puppy class tonight, but hubbie needs a new ride to replace the truckster. He, very sweetly, suggested the kittens and I drop him off at the car lot and have us go on to the puppy class so we don’t miss it.  That’s very sweet – but I feel terrible just dropping him off at the car lot. I have a feeling that this won’t be as big of a deal as shopping to replace the ole Pinto, but still, I feel bad just leaving him, as if I’m deserting him.

·         I know what I’m going to be for Halloween but I can’t tell ya yet – cause I don’t want to spoil the surprise and I’m still working on tying in the husband’s costume with mine. I really really like the idea of couple’s Halloween costumes themed together.

·         I can’t tell you how many times my poor patient husband has corrected Kittens and me when we say your house instead of our.

·         Member that one time when I posted that both kittens had made straight A’s? Uhhh, well, turns out that the little kitten’s final grades weren’t actually final yet and she had a math test that brought her grade down just enough that she didn’t make that straight A list. She got an 89 in math. In my mind, I’m rounding it up and counting it as an A. I’m still proud with the B or the A.

·         Man, those kittens were in a bad mood last night. I had all sorts of excitement/just for fun things to do last night with them…..instead they both got sent to their rooms, had to eat separately and both went to bed early. When I woke them both up this morning, I gave a friendly reminder that if their behavior is repeated again, then the same punishment will be repeated also. Wow, were we chipper once those little paws hit the floor.

·         Honestly, I felt more punished than they did. I didn’t get to play with them on the wii, brainstorm scary decorations for Halloween for our yard OR experience the joy of making brownies. I sat in my chair and pouted.

·         This weekend, at a mall, I went shopping with the kittens and picked up a pair of jeans off the rack, just to see if they would fit. The last time I tried that size on, they were waaaay too tight. This time? They didn’t fit again, but this time, they were too big!!! Too big?! I tried on the next smaller size…they fit! THEY FIT?! I’m still shocked. Did I buy them? Well, heck yea!!! And I’ve got a pair on today. Maybe I really really do love the Slimfast stuff. Annnd, I’ve even starting tracking my daily weight as a suggestion from the Hubbie. I’ll report back in a couple of months….IF the results are favorable. If the results AREN’T  favorable, then I’ll deny this conversation ever existed in the first place.

·         Alright…gotta go. We have to go steal legally obtain another automobile, this time for the Hubbie to cruise around in.



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