Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Calling All Nerds

Our living room TV is going, going, going out. Quickly.

Immediately I thought of the new google tv and was excited about everything that it can do….

BUT we have AT&T Uverse and I don’t think they’ll work together. From what I’ve read – the new google tv will only work with DISH Network.

Any nerds smart people out there know any different (or have a better suggestion)?


Answers? I don't know the questions. said...

One word of caution. Dish Network has split with Fox. No World Series! I have Direct TV scheduled to be hooked up this Friday. Then Dish will be adios in my household.

Anonymous said...

Cable is your friend

Anonymous said...

Ask Mz, she has the answer to everything.

Anonymous said...

You could always quit spending a bunch of money (Barry's) and just not watch TV any more. The marriage might even last a little longer.