Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Whinings and Gripings

·         The girl’s being tired and extremely grumpy sucked. I’m still worn out from that episode.

·         I haven’t gotten to jog in a couple of days…or more. I need my exercise. I can’t get fat. I just can’t. That’s what sets me aside from all the rest of you crazy women…..cause I’m soooo good looking! You know…. tall, skinny, blonde, pretty and extremely smart….everything I am and everything you aren’t.

·         My weight still goes up and down… it’s up and I’m actually feeling it. Yesterday I felt great and skinny, today I feel blah and fat. I can’t end up like all the other crazy women in the world.

·         OK, maybe I’m not all that skinny….or extremely smart….BUT I am tall and just happen to be blonde. That should count for something.

·         I regret eating dinner last night. The Kittens hit me with the ultimate temptation – sushi….and they both asked for that restaurant. I gave in. Way.  Too. Easily.

·         Actually seeing how much it fluctuates on a daily basis is pretty interesting. It’ll be neat to see it after a couple of months…..unless it doesn’t make a downward slope, of course. Then – well, I’ll just sweep that bit of data under the rug.

·         I’m bummed that I haven’t gotten to stop and watch Survivor from last week yet. I started to watch it – but had issues with Kittens and the hubbie. Then when I sat down to watch it – it had been deleted. And ya know, I sure do find it a little suspicious that all of a sudden there is a whole bunch of them sports recordings on the list.

·         I’m still overly sleepy. I think my job has that effect on me. I need to quit my job and stay home so I can eat bon-bons, watch tv, nap, blog and complain about how stressed I am.

·         Umm…..then again….that pretty much already sounds like how it is now…except for the workings part.

·         Due to the car issue and the puppy class, I didn’t get to watch Glee either. Ugh! I better get on that before it “accidentally” disappears, too!

·         Puppy class was fun last night. We’re learning to use a “clicker”. I’ll explain later. That’s one crazy technique that I’m not sure I’m on board with.

·         Kitten still not named. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Big Time.

·         Just cause my husband goes off and buys two new cars after already spending a train load of money over the last few months….he thinks he has the right to be stressed and grumpy? Pfft. Whateva! Boy, better be stressin’ over the possibility of me spending all his bags of money and running out! I can’t be poor again….that leads to depression, which leads to eating, which leads to…well…go back and review my second bullet point.

·         Ok, maybe he does have a good reason to be stressin a little bit. (And I’m kidding about all those bags of money.)

·         Is it Friday yet? I could really, really use a sweet little date night. Maybe I should give in and let him take me over to the Taco Casa for supper dinner instead of demanding a high tone establishment.

·         Enjoy Wednesday.




Anonymous said...

One of our favorite Bartenders at Saltgrass is in your class w/ a pit bull...dont let it eat the puppy...

Kat said...

They might be a different class....we don't have any pits in ours....wait, did they say there was someone that was incredibly cool, sophisticated, intelligent and had the quickest learning puppy ever?

Now that you mention it....that maltese puppy might have a little pit in it... and that crazy couple tried to pass if off as "pure bred"! Ha!