Friday, March 12, 2010

Go Eagles!

I would like to thank the two girls in this video for giving my girl and me a private lesson via a public video on youtube. Shheesh, that fight song dance is one hard dance to master....even for someone as young as me, you know, at the age of 21.

Hey, it's 4:00pm - send cheerful thoughts to my little girl.


Anonymous said...

Did she make it?

I guess it makes sense that they still do the same fight song dance that I did as a DMS cheerleader in 1989. Wow. I'm old.

I hope my daughters never try out for cheerleader because I know I would be pathetic and be more nervous than they were.

Kat said...

Didn't make it.
I was exactly that....waaay more nervous than she was.

I guess we really should have known that fight song before last week!