Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Night Thoughts

  • I have new neighbors that bought the house across the street from me and they have kids. In fact, within six hours of signing the papers those kids were playing in my backyard. I watched six kids run in my front door and head straight for the backyard.
  • I watched The Marriage Ref on tv tonight because it has Jerry Seinfeld...I love Jerry Seinfeld. That show was dumb. If a show like that can make prime time tv, then I have some award winning ideas.
  • I have spent two days laying around feeling icky. Two nights ago I felt a little naseauted. I woke up in the middle of the night to violently throw up the contents of my stomach over and over again.
  • Yesterday I layed on the couch wondering if I was facing the end of my own times...and it was my birthday.
  • Last night...I woke up to my big girl panicking over feeling bad. Her turn. Poor baby spent the night throwing up over and over again. This morning she didn't get to go to school, she had perfect attendance for the entire year until today. Poor baby.
  • On that note, the big science fair project was due today. I called the school thinking it would be ok to turn it in tomorrow....I mean, afterall - do they really want the two of us up there? Why yes, yes they did, and they actually lectured me over the phone to even suggest waiting until tomorrow. Good grief. I outta argue that she gets credit in attendance for today.
  • I kinda liked staying home with the kids the last two days. It's gonna be hard to go into work tomorrow...especially after having two days off.
  • Even if I was sick sick sick on my birthday - it was still a pretty good day. I got a zillion and two birthday wishes on my facebook and that made me happy. I feel loved. Annd, my sweet mommy got me a tool set....that's pink!
  • Happy Friday - tomorrow.

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M-M said...

Happy belated Birthday! Sorry you were sick.