Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

  • I'm a bad blogger waiting almost a week from my last post.
  • I actually thought I was going to sit and blog about people as the shopped my driveway in between a card game with my mother. Nope...I sat down for about five minutes and stayed busy the rest of the time. I did get rid of lots of stuff, accomplished trading the old washer and dryer in exchange for the labor of putting the new in, and stayed up too late at night putting the new (very comfortable) bed in my room.
  • Just remind me that being a store owner is hard work.
  • It's been about three weeks since my grandparents brought me a pretty new bed and a working washer and dryer all the way from Arkansas and I still haven't called to tell them thank you yet. I'm a bad grandkid.
  • I'll be your bff for a whole day if you send me a twitter message at 6:00 tomorrow and remind me to call my sweet grandparents.
  • I'm trying very very hard not to get addicted to American Idol. I blame that Casey kid, since he's local...and pretty good.
  • I guess it's ok as long as I don't miss out on any Survivor episodes with my boyfriend, Colby Donaldson.
We shall now pause and sigh as we drool over an obligatory pic of him.


  • You are very welcome.
  • Day 3 of cheer clinic today. I've taken to biting nails. I'm not good with suspense. At all.
  • Speaking of kids, they are leaving me Friday for a week with The Dad for Spring Break. Ugh. A week without kids means......well, I'm not sure what that means yet. I do have a feeling there will be cleaning involved.
  • Enjoy your Thursday. Tomorrow is a big day.


mzchief said...

Do you want that Twitter Reminder at 06:00 or 18:00?

Glad you are back to blogging.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your daughter!

Kat said...

1800 would be better. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have missed your blog all week and wondered where you were. Good luck to your daughter I hope she made it. My beautiful granddaughter does not want to be a cheerleader. She would rather play sports.