Monday, March 1, 2010


  • Time waste of the day. I got up to a score of 54 before I quit. I decided if I didn't quit, I'd get addicted extremely fast.
  • After the half marathon recovery nap I had a wedding to shoot. Man, oh man, was the hardest wedding to shoot ever. My entire body was sore and I was still exhausted.
  • Sunday was worse. Way worse. My poor body. I looked up mine time from last year and it was two minutes longer. How'd that happen?
  • I can't tell you what a difference four advil and a hot hot bath makes.
  • Time to get serious with the running or I'll never pull off a full marathon. I'm now focused.
  • I saw a new baby nephew yesterday while out on the town. Oh my, what a beautiful little baby. I need to send them a message to put me on their babysitting list for that little one. Good grief, he is gorgeous.
  • Ugh.Woke up this morning in a sickly state. Fever is no fun, but I sloshed down a little advil and hopefully I'll make it long enough to turn all the timesheets in.


mzchief said...

Just a question...not a judgment...
If your body hurts for two day and you are sick on the third day after a HALF marathon why, in the name of all things sane, are you planning on running a FULL marathon. Just a thought, if your body feels this bad after a HALF marathon, perhaps, you should pay attention to what your body is telling you.....Pick a new sport.

jus' sayin'

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that all that running makes your stuff drop.