Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday Night Date

I went on a date Saturday night. Fun, fun, fun . It was a surprise destination. I was told almost a month ago that we would be doing something for my birthday, but he wouldn't tell me where or what. I love surprises.
We went to see "Fat Pig" in Dallas. I loved the theater and the actors were fantastic. This was a 90 minute production with no intermission, but the play went so fast, I had no idea it was 90 minutes. Without giving away the ending of the play, I was shocked that it ended the way it did.
After the play they had a "Dr.Pepper/Snapple" sponsored discussion that was pretty interesting. The actors asked the audience for their insight, thoughts, and feelings over different scenarios and situations concerning the the storyline. The crowed was mostly an older crowd so the answers were great. I love crazy old people.
Leaving the theater, my date was sweet enough to have me wait in the lobby while he went for the car. My sweet date comes back and says, "There is no way you should miss this snowy walk." I peek outside and it's snowing!
The snow flakes were huge! I felt like a little kid walking back through the snow.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your beautiful flowers. What a sweet, loving gesture. =)