Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Thoughts

  • Oh my, I read some of Tiger's text messages. Oh my. That guy is a freak. I mean....seriously, he's a freak!
  • I've always held a little grudge toward this March Madness craziness because it interrupts my Survivor. This year I decided to embrace it for the first time and join a couple of fantasy basketball leagues. One is Liberally Lean's and the other is a group of friends. On LL's I went with West Virginia to win and the other I went with Kentucky.
  • A ton of people picked Kansas to win. A ton of people are not happy after this weekend.
  • Apparently cleaning a carburetor is harder than I originally thought. I’m also not so sure the fuel line is busted. And go kart is spelled with a k and not a c.
  • I had a neighbor text me last night that the cops were checking out my house last week for possible marijuana growth. They actually had me going for a little bit there. It’s a science fair project in progress in my garage. It might have something to do with plant growth…..and lights.
  • I am really really close to seriously considering finding a new home for my dog. She has a nasty habit of digging and my back yard looks horrible.
  • I didn’t wear green on St Patrick's Day. I got pinched.
  • Happy Monday.
  • Kids are home finally. Yay! My life is complete once again.

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