Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello, Friday

  • I was watching one of those I love the 90's the other night and they showed the beeper. I giggled, I had a beeper. My daughter: "What's a beeper?" Then they were engrossed with the show. "Wow, Mom, things were different back then."
  • Then they ask the question of "what are we growing up in, the thousands?"
  • Hey don't forget to see a local play this weekend. I went last Thursday and it was great! I laughed incredibly hard... the entire audience did. Go see it. Good stuff.
  • I finally watched an episode of Survivor last night. Oh, sweet, Colby,  I still love you. I was sooo scared he was going home last night. Very scared.
  • I loved the part when Boston Rob told Coach to "Man Up". Made me laugh just a bit. I couldn't believe to see Coach crying everywhere.
  • Tomorrow my little house is crazy enough to pull off a garage sale. We'll see how well that works.
  • Did you know that you can buy baby monkeys right off Liberally Lean's Classifieds? I want one. Are those legal to have at home?

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