Friday, March 12, 2010

Arriving like clock work is: Friday

  • Two thoughts on Survivor: #1.) Could someone please send a messenger pigeon to Amanda to put some britches on that bottom of hers? I'm fairly certain that walking around in her under-roos could cause her to catch a cold or something. #2.) Was it wrong to secretly enjoy Jerri getting body slammed into a post?
  • Ok, I'll answer that second question. Yes, yes it was....I blame the fake wrestling shows on tv.
  • I spent last night trying to google and youtube Decatur's fight song and school song for big girl to use to practice with. I actually emailed for help asking..."don't kids these days youtube everything?" (My next lesson of the day will be to explain how tags are used and why they are helpful.)
  • It's Friday. I love the Fridays. Go Eagles. Woooo....go school spirit. I be nervous. I'm really not sure if I'm more nervous if she makes it or more nervous if she doesn't. Either way, she'll be fine. She'll rock as a cheerleader or have fun gearing up for next year.
  • Little ones leaving me today. Boo. I do get to clean their rooms though. Yay.
  • Do kids still toilet paper each other's houses these days? I haven't seen that lately. If they do, I could probably start stocking up now to help out. (Kidding. I would never do that.)
  • Dude! What's up with the superintendent resigning? Wow. I'm very curious as to why he did that.
  • Yes, on occasion I slip and say dude. I don't know where that comes from.
  • Enjoy your Friday.

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