Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

  • If I hear a newscast tell me one more time that it is Spring Break I'm gonna hollar!
  • Girls are with Baby Daddy allll week. Ugh. I feel kinda bad for him. Neither of the girls were in a good mood starting off. Big one didn't make the cheer squad and little one didn't want to leave me. She threw a big enough tantrum to bring on an asthma attack. It's not as if she doesn't have a good time, she just didn't want to leave mama for a whole week. Over the phone, she sounded a lot more cheerful yesterday.
  • What does Mama do with the kiddie's gone? Mama cleans! Yay!!! I cleaned out little one's room and will hit big one's room next.
  • One more project for the week is to clean out the carborator (sp?) and replace a busted fuel line on the go cart. I don't have a clue of what I'm doing....but I'm determined to pull it off before they get home.
  • I may have had this weight loss/stay in shape thing all wrong. There is no way that is actually a true story. Is there?
  • Some crazy, mean person left brownies at work yesterday. Chocolate brownies. Sigh.
  • The marathon I wanted to do was filled up in February. The race isn't until June! Now I have to find another one. It had a scheduling conflict anyway.
  • I entered one of those basketball bracket thingies. I'm feeling pretty good about my picks.
  • Happy Tuesday. I gotta get me some coffee....and maybe a donut or two.

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Anonymous said...

I bet they were upset because they knew you were going to clean and throw away. (Like my mother used to do)