Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Thoughts

·         Oh my, oh my, oh my. Last day of school. I may want to cry.

·         Ok, so maybe I won’t cry, but I do envy every teacher out there who is off for the summer. I should have been a teacher.

·         We actually woke up extra super duper early today and made our trip to the donut shop. It’s a tradition on the first and last day of school. We’ve also starting making it a Friday tradition if we get up early enough to go. Last Friday we didn’t get to because a certain little girl fell asleep with gum in her mouth….that got stuck just nicely in her extremely thick hair. She was notahappy!

·         I’ve kept up with my exercising and getting my beach/swim suit body ready. I’m telling ya – tae bo is the way to do it. Good grief, that Billy Blanks kicks my booty! I’ll end up sweating a ton in the first 15 minutes.

·         Last night I actually (finally) made it all the way through the workout with him. At the end I was stunned, I couldn’t believe it.

·         I actually curled my hair today. Woo hoo! I’m a hey now (until about 9am when the curls all fall out)!

·         I have three of these. Halo moles. One was on my chest – I had almost completely forgotten about it – but it showed up about 4 years ago and now it is completely gone. The two others are in the same spot right next to each other on the upper corner of my armpit. That drives me crazy. I always feel really self conscious if my shirt doesn’t cover them. I almost feel like who ever I’m talking to is just staring at them. I feel like a freak. Kinda. I know it’ll go away in a couple of years, but in the mean time – it’s driving me crazy.

·         I’m going to the Indy Truck Racing tonight at the Texas Motor Speedway and we get to watch the race in a fancy suite. I’m kinda excited. It’s a mama and girls weekend – but both girls have slumber parties tonight and my brother isn’t going to get to come down – so off I go to the Speedway.

·         Back to the working out. The tae bo DVD I’ve had for awhile finally gave out on me last week. It was scratched up pretty bad and kept skipping or freezing up. When I went to Sports Academy to buy a new one – they didn’t have any. So, fine, I picked another. I went with Dancing With The Stars workout instead.  I was kind of excited. I get home and start that bad boy right up. (The male Latin dancer is pretty good looking.) When I start in on the DVD I notice the camera angles are trying to get creative by showing you different views of all the people in the workout. That’s great BUT, every time they changed the angle or view it would throw me off.

·         When I retire from being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, international supermodel and an A-List actress and I do my work out DVD to sell to the masses….I am going to have a split screen. On one side, the angle will stay the same of one person showing their full body so you can learn all the steps without having to worry about the angle or view changing. The other side of the screen can have the creative shots of the entire group. Did any of that make any sense?

·         And no, I’m not too old to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. I can pull that off. My mom and dad told me when I was an itty bitty girl that I could be anything I wanted. So there. My parents wouldn’t fib to me.

·         K-enjoy the Friday. I heart you all.

·         Oh….P.S. I might have been a little behind on my estrogen shot. I was kinda sorta….three weeks over due. I’m in a MUCH better mood today! I even heart my mean cranky old hater out there.



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