Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

·         Hello, Wednesday…….how you doin’?

·         Is there anyone out there that is somewhat interested that today is the day Eclipse comes out? Would you be excited for me if I told ya that I’m going to actually go join the craziness tonight and catch a showing? I already purchased tickets and the big girl and I are going to brave the line ahead of time to make sure we get good seats.

·         Of course, that might make me a very tired person this week. Very. I needed one more thing to squeeze into my crazy schedule this week.

·         This week is Tech Week at the play. We run all the way through the play every night and make sure all the sound effects, lighting and props are what the director envisioned when doing this play.

·         There are three of us running the tech booth. I’m out all next week on vacation and another one is out the week after. The director was wise enough to pull a third techie in …. Just. In. Case. It’s a little crowded at that table – but the peace of mind knowing that there are three people that can run the booth is priceless….especially for the director.

·         This is my first time as a stage manager and I’m not sure I’ve done the best job. (Of course, I didn’t anticipate getting married during the course of the show….but – you think I’m gonna complain about that? Heck no, not even for a second!)

·         It does feel like a second job though…..and I’m not even the director. He’s been working triple time on this show…which really shows. He’s gained our trust and respect from his past experience onstage and backstage.  It also helps that he has such a patient, calm and encouraging attitude also….but still down to business. Great guy and this will be a great show!

·         I still can’t believe I’ll miss the opening night….I feel really bad. I’ll be laying in the sun with my new hubby on a warm beach for all of next week – while they are preparing for the most stressful moment of the show. Opening Night.

·         Great…I mentioned beach. Now I’m distracted again…..the bright sun, heavy air, warm breeze, soft sand, crashing waves….sigh. Is it time yet? Is it time yet?

·         I’ll be boarding a plane in three days. (I’m not counting today….it makes it seem closer.)

·         Quick Sharing of A Giggle over my little one: She loooves to pretend to be asleep in the car when we pull up at home so I’ll carry her in, put her in bed, and lean down to kiss her forehead….just as she hollars out, “Got Ya! I was fake sleeping!!” She did that last night to me….again. It drives me crazy (cause I am now carrying her upstairs) but it still makes me laugh everytime she does it. She’s sooo gonna be an actress! Ahhh..just like her mama!

·         Happy Wednesday….I’ll keep ya updated on the Eclipse insanity later from the theater. (Can’t wait.)

·         Hey….and today is my 5th day as a happy, happy married gal. Whew…5 days! It feels like it was just yesterday when I walked down that isle!



Anonymous said...

I just have to tell you that following your wedding weekend on twitter (by the very lucky guy you married) gave me chills. It was so sweet and romantic. I hope you are as happy as I am 28 years later. I know you will because you know how to laugh with each other and at each other.

Propagandist said...

Just remember how much and why you love the old guy and you'll have a long and mostly happy marriage. It's worked for me and I'm damned sure my spouse has had more of an uphill climb than you'll have.

Congratulations, Mrs. Green.

Noevadeaux said...

Theater is great fun, isn't it, Kat! I remember when my hubby & son were involved with Butterfield Stage in Gainesville......we made many life-long friends. The hard work and freak-outs are well worth it....especially the curtain calls! Enjoy it, don't fret about missing some of this one, continue to be involved, and congratulations on your marriage.