Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

·         It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood….won’t you be my neighbor?

·         Wanna guess where I’m going tonight? Well, I’m gonna tell ya anyway. Band Camp to hear the end of the week concert and then bring my sweet little girls home. Yay!!

·         I got some sweet supportive comments yesterday after I mentioned all my turmoil this week. I was very appreciative to get those. J

·         I’m kinda considering the 5k this weekend that benefits CASA. Undecided.

·         I’ve been so stuck on the scale for almost 2 weeks and it’s driving me crazy. I know that I’m starting to gain muscle in new places thanks to the increased amount of taebo I’ve been doing, but still…I wanna see a certain number on the scale and I am sooo close to it. Driving me crazy!

·         My shin is starting to act up again. This time I probably won’t decide to wake up and run 17 miles on it. (I might have ‘over-trained’ last year.)

·         I got a very sweet apology email from an unexpected source. I was kinda in shock upon first reading it and now I’m not sure how to respond.

·         Speaking of sweet, I have a terrific mother. It’s always nice to know you can call your mother and just gripe, whine and moan over the telephone. It’s even better when she’s a good listener, has witty responses and great advice.

·         Speaking of parental units….I got the perfect Father’s Day card for my dad about three weeks ago – but I have no clue on what to get him. He is the WORST in the world to shop for. It’s the biggest challenge to come up with a gift that’ll he appreciate annnnd get use out of. I’m struggling.

·         I’m in a much better mood today and yesterday turned around quite a bit for the better. I found out part of the underlying problem between another person and myself. I feel better. The trust is still there. My world is happy again.

·         Oh, and don’t forget to plan on attending Tuesdays With Morrie. It’s an awesome play. J



mzchief said...

* Here comes my annual Runner Smackdown to you runner freaks. The human body had to EVOLVE to be able to walk which means, running is NOT the intended purpose of the human frame which MORE than explains all the injuries incurred by runners. Here is a thought, try an exercise that does not destroy your body parts. Try ridding a bike. You will receive the same cardo workout and NOT ravage your knees, hips, shins, heels, feet, back and internal organs.

* The ONLY correct response to an apology is, "Thank you." Nothing more, nothing less, merely, Thank you. Keep to yourself whether or not you accept the apology, believe the apology, were more than owed the apology and/or think the apology sucks. Just say Thank you and conduct your life as you feel appropriate with regard to your PRIVATE opinion regarding the apology.

* You are far more blessed than you know, to have, as an adult, a mother. My parents passed while I was a teenager. I never got to know my parents as an adult. I am certain, my mother would have been a fabulous adult parent/friend.

* The Baseball Cap Light Clip sounds retarded but it is AWESOME. I bought one the other day at Bass Pro Shop. I have already used it, clipped to a golf visor since I do not wear/own a baseball cap, while checking the irrigation timer on the dark side of the house @ 21:30. Hubby is pissed he mocked me and refused to buy one. What he does not know, I got him a similar type, on the sly, and he will have his own, this Sunday.
HeHeHe...ANOTHER, win for me.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear that there are wedding bells in your future?