Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday's Thoughts

·         Helllo, Friday. I am sooo happy to see you! Why? Well, because I get to eat chips and salsa tonight. On the other hand, little girls go with Mr. Dad today.

·         When they get home Sunday, they turn right around and leave again. One to band camp and the other to VBS every evening. I have a love/hate relationship with the summer.

·         Speaking of summer, I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to have cold in the middle of June. It’s blazing hot outside and I’m sneezing and sniffling.

·         Speaking of summer, I have a trip arranged coming up and the destination is to another country. I might be panicking just a tad because I can’t remember where the heck I put my passport. Notagood.

·         So, my sweet, doggie has been acting very strange this week. She’s dug a hole underneath the shed and she really really doesn’t like to come out. When she does come out she walks funny and she’s grumpy. She’s also really really mad at our other dog – who is fixed and 1/10th her size. She glares at him and snarls that lip of hers. She’s either pregnant – and I have nooo idea how that would be possible since she hasn’t gotten out in the last 63 days, or she’s hurt or sick somehow. Either way, we go to the vet today to figure out this mystery. (Please, please, please – don’t be pregnant.)

·         I am co-stage managing a play that opens next month. Tuesday’s with Morrie is an excellent play. I read the book before hand and cried at the end of it. There was not a surprise ending but I cried anyway. I am very excited about the cast and crew involved…..awesome talent, creativity and very fun to be around. I will be stage managing the weekend of July the 16th, so you really really need to come out and see it!

·         Each performance will be sponsored by a local business. Can you believe the fine folks over at Liberally Lean are sponsoring the show on the 17th?

·         Speaking of fine folks, I saw a video last night of 13 year old Kayla Manson saying a c-word on The Today Show. She was repeating what a couple of text messages had said. I could have sworn I had read somewhere that it wasn’t censored when it aired yesterday. Here is the shortened uncensored version. It’s (after a word from the sponsor) about the 30 second mark. Here is the link from Today’s website with the whole 9 minute segment. I’m not even sure the girl knows what that actually means. The whole story is incredibly sad. I have a 12 year old. I couldn’t imagine her being involved in something like this.

·         Ok – on with your Friday.


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