Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Thoughts

·         I am going to pretend as if Monday is not really here and it’s really Tuesday.

·         Two things missing in my work world: shorts/capris and music. We don’t have any music in our office at all and some days that could drive me insane. I work in the construction world…no shorts allowed. Booo. I wear blue jeans and steel toe shoes. Double boo. Don’t even get me started on what a dork I look like in a hard hat.

·         We did some crazy swimming this weekend. My older daughter spent very near the entire day in the pool.

·         My brother was supposed to come down this last weekend but he is having car issues, the wife’s car broke down and she kinda sorta can’t be left without transportation to/from work. Just kinda. So fine, they didn’t come. L I was hoping to see them open their next care package in person. It has a special summer treat in it. I would tell you what it is but they have inkernet at home and I can’t risk spoiling the surprise.

·         Recently I read through Dear John and loved the book. I finally got to see the movie this weekend. It was great but there was so much insight missing from the movie that the John character was thinking that you learn in the book. I was also a little surprised to see that the ending was different in the movie than the book and I’m really not sure which I liked better.

·         I’m still reading In Cold Blood, and I understand there were a couple of movies made about it.

·         Friday night I had the chance to go watch the Indy Truck Racing from a Suite at Texas Motor Speedway. That was fantastic! The Suite had endless food and beverage….and the best red velvet cake I’ve ever tasted. Really good stuff. I’m not sure there should be any way to watch a race over there. Now if I could just find out what the suites are like at The Dallas Cowboy Stadium… would be good!

·         I got a call from a person this weekend from my biggest hater of all time asking if my girls and I wanted to go on a quick trip via plane to Shreveport and ride up and down the boardwalk in a limo. This was extremely odd and puzzling considering this person seriously does not like me in the least bit. This person loves to leave vulgar, mean messages through comments on this blog and loves to say anything negative they can to anyone that is listening. I have a feeling I would have gotten “accidently” left in another state.  Did they really think I would naïve enough to fall for that?

·         People are weird. Just plain weird.



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Propagandist said...

You should give those composite "steel-toed" boots a try. They're about 1/2 the weight of steel-toed boots and you don't run the risk of cutting off your toes in a crush accident.