Thursday, June 10, 2010

Taco Casa, Please Drive Thru

Ok, I’m sorry, but I have no excitement over the opening of the Taco Casa. I ate once at the one in Springtown and was not pleased at all. It’s really greasy food and that location was really dirty.

…sooo, imagine my surprise to drive by Decatur’s brand new location at 4:30 yesterday to see the parking lot is almost packed (including the pooleece - man).

Don’t be surprised if you don’t bump into me there. Ever.

Oh…and PS – don’t tell my kids that place is open. Please. Thank you, we'll have your total at the next window.

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Zeb said...

Oh, you mean the Taco Casa in Springtown that is in a gas station? I make it a rule to never eat at restaurants that are built into gas stations. The Taco Casa here is pretty good. I only eat there maybe twice a month, but every time I do, it's great.

BTW...Allsup's is the only exception to my gas station food rule...and usually after consuming some adult beverages.