Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

·         Another day of sneezing, sneezing, sneezing. I went to tan yesterday, laid down in the little tanning bed, got comfy, let out a sigh of work day melting away and got the nasal feeling. Here we go. I’m thinking I’ll probably let out two or three sneezes….nope…my sneezing went on for three minutes just back to back.

·         So all this sneezing and a runny nose has caused my poor throat to feel like it’s on fire from all the drainage. Ouch. No fever though – so this is either a little cold or an allergy attack that is lasting a couple of days.

·         Either way, I’ve had enough already. I’m on a tight schedule and don’t have time for feeling icky.

·         I didn’t even do any tae bo last night annnd I barely mowed any of my lawn. I’m addicted to both of those activities. I spent most of my evening on the couch with no energy and feeling the medicine head.

·         Glee’s season ended last night. I was a bit disappointed over the ending…it wasn’t supposed to happen that way. Those kids were supposed to win! Dangit.

·         Oh well, at least I still have the bachelorette to watch for a bit longer. After that is over I may be forced to watch the news….

·         A friend of mine switched from the iphone to an android. Already this person has figured out more than I have…..and I’ve had a six month head start.

·         I have yet to conquer the concept of tethering with the phone. If I could pull it off, I would be very happy. It shouldn’t be too hard. I think. I hope.

·         There is a guy at work that is going to end up driving me batty! We don’t have any music to listen to, only the sounds of the office – coffee maker, copier, someone typing. It’s not a very big office and you can hear just about everything.

·         Everyday at lunch he eats soup. He slurps this soup very very loudly and very very slowly. He will spend his entire 30 minute lunch slurping. Since I’m a wuss, I sit and don’t stay a word. Yesterday, I almost did. He’s taken up singing some foreign song and it doesn’t seem to sound as if it is in tune. Hmpfh, people.

·         I may go crazy one day.

·         Soon.

·         Speaking of crazy, I’ve been listening to The Ticket more and more in the mornings on the way to work. The Gordon Keith….or Keith Gordon is a funny guy and pretty smart too. I end up laughing out loud while I’m driving down the road. This morning at the red light, I look over at the next car and they were giggling at me. I was busted laughing in the car by myself. At least I wasn’t singing and dancing in the car.  

·         Two more days until the beautiful Friday that will lead to me laying in bed Saturday morning and sleeping in. Happiness is in my near future.



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