Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

  • I'm a little distracted this week but I'm in a fantastic GREAT mood.
  • I had a great weekend and spent lots of talking time with alot of family.
  • I can't tell you what a tough time I had concentrating on work this week. It has been torture.
  • I'm taking Friday off - which I never do because of payroll - but I might be going out of town this weekend.
  • I know you hate suspense.....but I'll tell ya allll about it when we get back. ;-)
  • It seems I'm going to be moving. You see....Anobiter moved to Wise County and I've decided this county just isn't big enough for the both of us! ;-) (Kidding.)
  • Really, I'm packing up my little kittens and moving to Fort Worth. We are very excited.
  • Dogs? Well - they won't be making the trip with us....the new house does not have the backyard for them, so they are going to need a new home.
  • So, who wants to buy my house and/or take in my dogs? We have a female Siberian Husky and a male Bensenji/Chiwahaha mix.
  • Having kids home from camp has been great....they've been making messes, picking on each other, and driving me crazy. ;-) I love it!
  • I have a dentist appointment today. I'm never a fan of the dentist. Ick. Dentist....nice folks, but I'm a baby.....even if it is for a cleaning.
  • I'm tired of the head cold/allergy attack that I have going on. One side of my nose is runny and the other is stopped up....that drives me crazy! Don't even get me started on the sore throat from all the drainage. Ouch!
  • I'm ready for a new phone. The HTC Hero just isn't for me. At All. I'm just a little lazy and have a crazy schedule going on right now and have been trying to "deal" with its problems...but I'm running out of patience.
  • Happy Wednesday!


Blue Angel said...

Why are you moving ? Is it job related ? Pray you will continue to blog as I enjoy reading ? Sorry your kids will lose their dogs .

AnObiter said...

Hey!! You can have that 377 area. The traffic makes my head spin! Congrats on the move & everything else. ;-)

Oh, and I'm keepin' Wise County!! It's the bomb!

Kat said...

Blue Angel - It's not job related - and I will still work in Decatur and commute back daily.
Actually, only one kid will lose a dog - the other dog is mine. I'll post more details Monday ;-)

AnObiter - UGH! I can't TRIPLE can't stand that 377 traffic. I need to take a pic of my preteen's eyes lit up as she drools over how close we are to different clothing stores. Very funny!
Thanks for the congrats! We are VERY excited!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you have to dump your family dogs.