Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tueday's Thoughts

  • I just spent ten minutes drying my hair to realize I'm fixing to walk outside in the pouring rain and it get all wet again.
  • My umbrella is at work in my desk drawer.
  • I went on a date once to eat at a restaurant near a mall and we pull up to a little bit of rain. He refused to get out of the car until it stopped raining. We sat for fifteen minutes. I decided he was more insane than I was. I voted to just make a run for it.
  • Three days of school left and then I will have a 1st grader and a 6th grader. (I'm feeling older.)
  • I woke up really nervous this morning remembering a dream of talking on the phone to someone and telling them everything.....and I mean alllll the deep dark secrets. I'm scared to look at my call history.
  • Play practice last night. I got very frustrated just sitting there on the corner of the stage. It was great to go and sing my parts but I wanted to get up and be a part of the choreography too.
  • Heal, Leg....I command you. Now HEAL!!!
  • OK-go on with your Tuesday and in a little bit I will share with you a slightly nerdy moment I had last night.

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