Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

  • I was having a great day at work, feeling the effects of staying focused and on top of things with a clean neat desk when I felt this sneaking suspicion that I was missing somthing...then I see the date lit up on my phone and realize I've got a leg appointment that I'm about to miss.
  • Yuk. I ever so dislike asking the boss last minute if I can take off and disappear for a doctor's appointment that I scheduled six weeks ago. Thank goodness he was cool about it.
  • I did take the opportunity to belt out several of my parts from the musical all the way to Fort Worth and all the way back. I'm so gonna master my parts whether I like it or not. At least I got a giggle out of some cars that gave me funny looks while singing.
  • I never imagined a musical would be this difficult/challenging. Acting is one thing, trying to act, sing and dance a choreographed dance is another.
    Not. Easy. At. All.
  • I think I am completely lacking in self confidence the last couple of weeks.
  • Seriously, I think my body/mind and sanity needs the jogging. I can completely feel now how running can be a stress that I can't run.
  • I'm getting back, slowly, into the exercising routine and still have the marathon goal, but I am going to probably remain easy on myself until after the play.
  • Ok, outside of my whining and frustrations....
  • Somebody smell poo? Apple comes out with another Iphone and decides to start selling the old one of $99. How many versions of the Iphone are out there now? Like seventeen? and I don't own .... one..... yet?
  • Oh wait.... did I say outside of my whining?
  • My eyes are bad. No I'm not getting old, Supposedly my daughter's eyes are not the best either...yet she catches a ton of stuff that I just can't read/see/focus in on. And did I already state for the record that I'm not old? Court Reporter, can you back and read the part where I stated that I'm not old?
  • Back to the feeling insecure this week. Musicals are not easy....I do know that this one will get better, easier and in turn end up being fun.
  • Next week is the week of the rehearsals where I look back at this week and feel embarrassed for feeling like freaking out. (At least I hope I do...)
  • Even though this is Wednesday thoughts, I'm writing this Tuesday night....and its time for me to crawl into bed. I don't even need anyone to rock me to sleep tonight or sing me lullaby's.

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