Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday's Thoughts

  • Back from a week off from blogging. I blame the leg pain and depression. I'll work on not doing that to ya again. I know ya missed me.
  • Scary Spice shown in public with a 18 pack on her stomach. I don't care who the chic is.....There is no way I'm standing next to her to get my picture taken with her. My next stop would be bulimia. That just goes a little overboard......unless of course, my body were to look like that, then I'd tell all ya haters to stick it and I would never put anything on over my bathing suit.
  • Temporary link to the MTV Award's Eminem vs. Bruno bit and Eminem's performance. I'm sure it will be taken down within a day. Some say it was fake and Eminem was in on it. I doubt it. My bet is that he didn't know ahead of time.
  • My younger kiddo won a singing contest last week. Her elementary school had its own "idol" contest and she made it to the finals for her grade. They only competed against their own grade levels. I got to see her perform and she was adorable. The dad next to me leaned over to tell me she sounded fantastic.
  • I've updated my marathon blog with my latest injury that has left me a little depressed. I still believe I can overcome and conquer!
  • I would say that my leg feels better today, but it doesn't.
  • I've been cast in a musical, Suburb, and I'm really nervous about it. It involves singing and dancing at the same time. I missed rehearsals last week thanks to the leg.
  • I'm not the biggest fan of Mondays and especially not of Mondays the week after a holiday week. That'll just make this week feel even longer.
  • Kids are out of school on Thursday. I love summer, but I still have to work and I know that the kids are gonna go stir crazy in this house.
  • Where did the phrase stir crazy come from?
  • On with the Monday......

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