Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

  • Two weeks left till opening night. Yikes! Biting nails. I’m still not sure I want my sweet mommy to come see this play. I’m waiting to see the choreography on one of the numbers. You know you are curious enough to see me in a green tu-tu, aren’t you? Can you contain your giggles?
  • I was very very very grumpy and almost unruly at the last rehearsal. I’m ditching that attitude and will be better behaved. I might have cried when I got home after the last rehearsal because I was so frustrated and I hurt someone else’s feelings by saying something---which was not intended to be mean, but came out that way. I’m an idgit.
  • My older daughter went on a mini-date last night. They went to see Up and he gave her a little present. Ahhh….he’s so smitten over her!
  • I sent her a text message after she left that stated: “NO KISSING!” The boy’s mom went with them and sat in the same row.
  • I think I almost drove her crazy ahead of time by making her get ready so far ahead of time. Then I almost pushed her over the edge with her outfit and making sure everything matched and looked cute.
  • I completely don’t understand why Cleburne has had so many earthquakes. Are they real earthquakes? I might need to spend just a few  minutes each day reading the news and learning what’s going on out in that big world outside of Kat’s Land.
  • Then again, that would probably take away from the time I spend oogling Colby Donaldson’s pics over the internet and/or playing on facebook.
  • My older daughter really wants her own twitter page. All of a sudden she is not acting her age……of 3 months old. Does she not understand that she is still my sweet little baby?
  • My younger kiddo was talking to me last night and mentioned something with a, “……remember?” I said “No, when did that happen?” She replies, Mom, it was 17 minutes ago when I was sitting on the couch.” That child says the funniest things.
  • I need to go back to doing these Thoughts at night and not at the crack of dawn…..I’m afraid of spending too much time on here and running late to work.




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