Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Attention: Youtube

I'm not sure why you have it out for me. All I'm looking to do is provide the world (through this blog) with the occasional giggle, a peek into my brilliant mind and share a piece of my inner soul. For the third time you have delayed the posting of a video that I stole....errr....borrowed from your pretty little storage container to help me achieve one of those goals.
You have this pretty little feature that allows me to send the video to my sweet blog directly from your website. I originally thought that was neato....now....strumming fingers impatiently upon my desk....notsomuch.
The last time I borrowed one of your videos, you didn't actually send it to my blog until 2am. Only vampires and wierdos stay up that late! Once I saw it immediately post I realized that not only did you take forever and a day to post it, you gave me a double helping.
So this is your official written warning. Your first offense was met with a strong glare and a not so nice word or two muttered under my breath. The next time this happens, I might ...... uhhh...... I might..... ummm...... well, don't you worry about it Mister. I'll think of proper punishment, somehow someway.....even if it means not speaking to you for a day or so. Don't test me, I'll do it. I mean business!!
That's all, now get back to work and go find that missing video that hasn't posted to my blog yet.



D said...

ok, now she is posting letters to websites. We have got to get you some help before you start writing love letters to the furniture.

Kat said...

Oh yea...note to self:
Self, don't forget to send some chocolates or a lovely ivy to the lazy boy recliner for supporting your big behind so comfortably during your leg injury.