Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday's Thoughts

  • I would give you a yea it's Tuesday, but Tuesday just doesn't excite me the way Friday does. Poor Tuesday, I kinda feel bad for it.
  • I have looked forward to surprising the kids with an afterwork trip to the water park tomorrow, only to look up the hours and realize they close at 7p on Wednesdays. Boo.
  • I'll save that one for a couple of weeks.
  • Seven rehearsals left of the play till opening night. Gulp. It really is coming along. Roughly, but coming along. Its awesome to really feel the show. Props are coming on stage choreography and singing is coming together.....awwww, it's almost time. (Let me say again: Gulp.)
  • I've been getting back in to my up at the crack of dawn work out schedule and love it. I just miss the Red Bulls and Bad Girls.
  • Bad Girls was my power drink that was sugar free, carb free, low calorie, yummy tasting and packed with caffeine that isn't being sold anymore. I sadly bought the last three in all of Decatur. (Unless someone knows of where some more are.....then.....by all means, hook a sista up, yo!)
  • I feel like my thoughts are so full of nothing. I wish I had just a smidge more time everyday to surf the internet and give you just a little bit more.
  • My brother and his kids are coming to visit next week. He has three days off in the middle of the week and wants to come hang out. He'd come this week but our poor mother is suffering with poison ivy and the flu. I'm hoping to keep him busy at my house and am hoping he doesn't get any bright ideas to come watch my rehearsal.
  • Speaking of the flu, did you know the W.H.O. raised the Pandemic Level for the H1N1 to a level six yesterday? I didn't remember seeing that in the news (since I watch so much) but I did catch it on Fed Ex's website.
  • Last thought: still on the grapefruit diet...holding strong. If I can make it through the kid's ice cream on Thursday then I can make it through anything. Hmmmm.....ice. cream. Sorry, ADD thought.
  • I weigh in on Saturday, so we'll see if a week of this crazy diet mixed with good excercise has made any difference. Wish me luck.
  • Ok, enjoy your Tuesday and appreciate it not being Friday. Afterall, I'd be thinking of sleeping in tomorrow if it were Friday.

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