Monday, June 22, 2009's official.

Iphones don't smell like poo anymore, casuse I have one. I have no idea how I have lived my life thus far without.....this thing is incredible. I love the aps! I even found one that works as a check register for your checking account.

The one I have is someone else's "original" after they went for the new one that came out Friday. Mine isn't the 3G one, but I live in the sticks and apparently we ain't got them fancey 3G stuff out here.

Still, it freakin' rocks!!!

It's also incredibly easy to work/figure out. My six year old shushed me when I was trying to explain what an app was....I look over her shoulder and she's googling webkin world on safari. Later on, I downloaded a couple of game apps for the girls to play with and this morning she picks it up and says...."oh cool, you got me some games." No explanation on how to work it was needed.
I'm happy. I'm!

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