Monday, June 15, 2009


  • The grapefruit diet day three = ZZZzzzzz.....This diet leaves me with no energy whatsoever. Struggling. I'm not sure I can keep it up long term. I've also cut energy drinks out of the diet too. That's part of the problem. I'm used to a ton of caffeine in my daily diet. Forget carb and sugar cravings...I'm craving a Red Bull.
  • I think I slept half the day yesterday. I even snuck in a nap when I had work to do.
  • Whe have a new member of our family. His name is Bubbles, and there is a slight possibility Bubbles could be a her. Bubbles is a turtle.
  • Yep, we have a turtle. We needed just one more pet.
  • The girls are now begging for another cat, because our Prince Fluff ran off and we haven't seen him since December. They don't understand why I'm not giving in to another cat.
  • Three dogs. One turtle. That's too much.
  • My leg is still a little sore. (Sigh)
  • The show opens in less than two weeks. Eek!!! I'm getting a little nervous.
  • I need two more hours in the day....just two more and that would make me happy. Well, at least until the play is over.
  • Enjoy Monday.

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