Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday's Thoughts

  • I'd like to start off by saying....It's Friday!! Yea!!!
  • Ok, on to my skatterbrained thoughts.
  • I started the Grapefruit diet today. I'm desperate. I'm also hugging and loving on the eliptical machine every morning-its not the same as running but I'll get there.
  • So this morning, I was enjoying the newscast on Fox4 who decided to warn me AGAIN that today is the day. The switch to digital tv will be today. They even decided to "test" what your tv will do once the switch is made. ....Ummm, is it bad if my tv went bizerk when they did that "test"?
  • Shoot....and that was the good tv. Imagine my surprise with toothbrush in mouth when I realize that I probably won't be enjoying falling asleep to my Seinfeld reruns on that tv until I investigate that box thingie to plug into it. Nice.
  • And yea, yea, yea....i know there are certain websites out there that explain the whole process to me......I just can't believe I'm one of the idgits that didn't get this fixed ahead of time.
  • For the first time, last night's play practice actually felt pretty good. It's beginning to come together. For some reason during the rehearsal schedule's this particular week is always a tough one....past this it gets way way way better.
  • We have a ton of new people involed in our troupe this year. I've met so many more just in the last two productions. For this production I think we have a pretty good cast. I think I might even be excited next week!
  • I made a big booboo in my bank account yesterday. I set up a bill to be paid by the bil payment option and then decided to reschedule it earlier this week when I realized there were four other bills due first and this particular big one (house pymt) wasn't even due for another two weeks.
  • I forgot to cancel it. Imagine my panic when I peek at my payday deposit to realize I have very little money left in my account. Gasp...that payment--I forgot to reschedule it.
  • I called the bank-got a 1-800#, got a woman telling me it was impossible to change this transaction--while reading from a script, couldn't understand her accent and her getting her verbs and nouns backwards....finally sucked it up and through out the: "Let me talk to your supervisor."
  • I rarely do that, but I was thinking of the electricity that is nice to have in my home. I'm now on hold and praying this guy doesn't have an accent or a cue card to read from.
  • Alas! I get Karl, from San Antonio, TX who reviews my situation and offers to cancel the payment, put a temporary credit for that amount in my account and then take back that amount once the payment is returned to my account in the 3-5 business days it will take.
  • Karl from San Antonio, I love you.
  • (Colby Donaldson: I'm just saying that out of extreme gratitude. I don't really really love him in the same way I do you.)
  • All is well, electricity paid yesterday and the rest will be paid today. Whew. Close call.

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