Saturday, May 23, 2009

Angels and Demons

Good movie, not quite as spectacular as I thought it would be, but it was pretty good. I didn't have any preconceived notions on how great or terrible it would be from anyone else, so I was able to walk in with an open mind knowing only that I was pretty sure it had Tom Hanks and was a sequel-ish to the DaVinci Code. Oh, and that was 1st in the box office last weekend.

This thought doesn't spoil anything: there is one part where Tom Hanks character walks into the Vatican City's underground archive unit and the "security" allows a woman to go in with him. She was part of the investigating team, a catholic herself and a scientist you'll meet within the first minutes of the play. My problem with the scene is how she is able to walk right in with her coat and purse into very secure areas. I just figured that a place that had such advanced security measures and put so much time and effort in keeping certain things safe would make her leave her bag at the door.

The security guy in that same scene was the only character that seemed to fail to impress me as far as believing his character. I almost feel like there would be an security guard that works at a McDonald's to be able to better play that role.

That was probably a bit too harsh towards the poor security guard. But, I am a professional and can give that sort of expert opinion.

Random Thoughts on the theater:
When we arrived at the ticket booth to get our tickets, there was a young couple in front of us that was there to see Star Trek. Actually, we're not 100% positive what they were there to see but we were both left with the thought that Star Trek was their chosen movie. The worker asked him if he was 17 and if he had an I.D. because he either had to be 17 or with an adult guardian. The girl mentions that she is only 17 and he's younger. They give in without much of an argument and leave with her playfully saying. "Why do you have to be so young at 16?"

Today after the race and while driving by the local theater here we realize that Star Trek is rated PG13. Hmphf. Odd. So what movie was it that they weren't allowed to go see? I might need to go check that out.

And lastly, I've seen a few movies at The Movie Tavern, mostly in Bedford, but The Huelen Mall was way closer to mother's neck of the woods. We arrive early, (yes, amazing, I can pull that off every little once in a while), get good seats (we tried out several-made me giggle) and ordered. Next the manager flips the lights on....bright.....and makes a speech about their specials, how the scene works, names all the waitstaff and then goes on to mention that the screen is now in digital. He tried to crack a couple of jokes, but his delivery was terrible (possibly worse than mine).

There you have it, possibly more than you wanted to know regarding our movie experience from last night. Next time, I might be nice and give you the....yada, yada, yada...and I had the lobster bisque.

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