Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday's Thoughts

  • The world has gone pig crazy. I'm not really sure it was necessary to shut down the schools.
  • Slumber party and birthday party both turned out pretty good. I say pretty good...get a bunch of 11 year old girls together and at some point their will be drama.
  • Heck, three girls in my house and there is always drama.
  • One of the girls was a in your face kind of kid and not afraid to say anything. (Made me laugh a few times.) She told me that she has a friend that doesn't like Obama and before the election her friend told her that Obama would not get elected and in fact, a black man would only get into the white house when pigs fly. She says all this with a serious face. "And would ya look at the country today? That pig virus is flying across the country!"
  • I still can't believe that came out of the mouth of an 11 year old.
  • Saturday she tells me her sister was in one of the classes with one of the kids that was suspected of the pig virus. She adds the sickly child just got back from visiting in Mexico. Great.
  • Another girl at the slumber party has an Iphone. An 11 year old shows up at my house and she has an iphone. I told her it smelled like poo.
  • Maybe I shouldn't have bought that bike. I could have been blogging from my very own smelly iphone.
  • I watched the video of the Cowboys practice tent falling down during the storm. I would scream like a little girl and cry like a baby if that happened to me. That would be terrifying.
  • We had no idea the storm was that bad. We were inside of the skating rink at that time and the music was loud enough that I might have faintly heard thunder once.
  • I spent a lot of the time skating and tried hard to talk other parents (even my own mother) into skating. My mother said, "When haven't skated in fourty years and you get this age you are liable to break something if you fall. I. don't. think. so." Kinda made me laugh.
  • My other child wants a swimming party for her the winter. There's a heated indoor pool here. She just might get her wish.
  • Mom bought my birthday girl the movie Twilight since she is almost done with the book. I gave in and let her watch it Saturday night. Wow....I think I so just got sucked in to that whole bit.
  • I am very interested to get ahold of that book. She complained about everything that was left out of the movie that was in the book.
  • Its funny how I can start out with these thoughts unsure if I have anything to say.

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