Sunday, May 31, 2009

MTV Movie Awards

Just finished watching The MTV Movie Awards and here are my random thoughts from the Awards show.
  • Did I really have to google Andy Samburg? I've always been a huge SNL fan and realized tonight that I haven't seen it in too long.
  • Eminem walking out after Bruno landed in his lap with his butt in his face--was priceless.
  • I've always had this strange fascination/crush with Eminem and Marshall, sweetie, if you are reading this right now, I'd like to say: I will beeyotch slap that goofy wanna be funny, g-string wearing , double fake angel, Bruno if it helps. I love you man.
  • The girl from Twilight dropping her award, bless her heart.
  • Jim Carey's acceptance speech made me laugh.
  • Ben Stiller getting the Generation Award was kind of silly...the presentation of it, not him getting it. I love Ben Stiller.
  • How did I miss Heath Ledger getting the Villain Award? (just read that on the google)
  • Good grief on the cuss words that came out of Hayden Panettiere's innocent little mouth. If that was her "bringing it" then somebody please give it back!
  • Double good grief on all the cuss words from the entire Awards show.
  • I was embarrassed at some of the talk from Kiefer Sutherland during Ben Stiller's award since my 11yo was in the room.
And now my list of movies I heard mentioned during the Award show:

I want to see:
Pinapple Express, Bride Wars, Role Models, Baby Mama, The Wrestler, Night at the Museum (heck-might as well), Slumdog, The Reader, Get Smart(?), The House Bunny, Yes Man

I Have Seen:
Twilight, The Dark Knight (uhh....did I miss a few? Did I get distracted with all the pretty movie stars and not write some down?)

Unsure I want to see/Don't Want to see:
High School Musical (Insert random # here), Wanted, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Miley Syrus Movie, Iron Man, Star Trek, Hell boy, Any of the transformer movies

In Conclusion: That was one big Twilight Appreciation Show sponsored by Taco Bell and MTV.

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