Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reason # 232

.....on why I had kids and got dogs.

This cute little creature is holding a mole. Eek!!

There we were sitting in the living room when outside the back door the husky was spotted digging. Again. My older daughter leaps outside to hollar at her. Husky stops. Older daughter walks over towards hole to kick dirt back in when she realizes the dirt is moving. She screams and comes back inside. My younger daughter and I rush to her for her to tell us what happened. We investigate......the dirt is really moving. Now the squeeling has increased by two more girls (in addition to the first would include me). I'm torn between trying to be the good mommy or being a scardy-gurl like the younger two.

My older daughter starts to carefully dig to free whatever our mean ferocious dog has so cruely buried. The earth moves more.....yep, we scream more. More careful digging. More earth moving, more girly squeels. Finally the husky comes back over nudges us aside as if to say,"Hey, I'll get it." So we let her and she goes to crazy digging! The dirt went flying everywhere. It was insane! And she gets it in her mouth, some poor innocent little creature. All three of us run after her and yell at her to drop it. She ran to the deck and finally let it go. It was a....mole! That pesky little creature has been tearing up my yard like and driving me mad.

Now, the real problem is what do we do with it. My neighbor behind us has finally crawled upon the fence with his children to see what the heck we were crying over. He offers to come over and dispose of it. Now who is going to pick it up and carry it over? Both girls look at me, roll their eyes knowing it won't be me and then stare each other down. So, I offer....ten dollars. My younger one jumps at it, picks it up and says, "Where do you want it?"

Yep, that's my girl!!!

PS She received ten one dollar bills from me and was disappointed she didn't get "ten dollars". Silly girl.

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