Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday's Thoughts

  • Dude. If I hear one more thing about a turtle, I swear I'm ducking into my own shell. I'm not sure what that means, but I'll do it.
  • This week has flown by. Seriously, yesterday it was just it's Friday? I need to pay more attention to the week.
  • So, I'm semi terrible/borderline dumb when it comes to sports. I can hang in there with football and I can grasp the concept of other sports. Dirk Nowitzki is a player for the Mav's. I think he is one of the few athlete's I can see a pic of and say, he plays basketball for the Mavs. The guys "alleged girlfriend/fiance" gets arrested at his house. So the entire afternoon went by with all talks of him and speculation over the girlfriend. I don't think I heard swine flu mentioned once. Not once. Go Dirk.
  • I found a video of her that will post a couple of hours from this post. Stay tuned, folks, put that channel changer down.
  • Today I tanned. Today I fell asleep really hard in the tanning booth. It scared the heck out of me when it turned off. Then I felt half drunk walking out of there. I think I probably looked it too. Just tell me I didn't snore.
  • I could nap everyday of the week if I had the time.
  • My older daughter turned 11 today. Good grief, talk about time flying by. Happy Birthday, little girl. (I'm not old. I'm not old. I'm not old!)
  • I think the guys have work have adopted me. One chewed on me for my last ticket not being taken care of yet and the other got on to me for my really bad front tires. Normally its my job to hollar at them and keep them in line-not them me.
  • I ran the course for the next 5k that I'm doing.....that is one brutal course. There is no way I can beat my personal time. No way. Of course, it was 85 degrees outside. Oh and there is that issue of anytime I run I suddenly get that urge to tinkle. No mos aqua for me.
  • I twittered about a very dear friend calling to tell me he proposed to his girlfriend (finally). He got laid off from the oil field two days later. Probably not the best way to start happily ever after.
  • Happy Friday.

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