Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday's Thoughts

  • I'm not very bright. I know you didn't notice, but really, I think I've lost brain cells somewhere. Why that thought? Cause I ran 16 miles yesterday.
  • My body is not happy with me.
  • I don't believe runner's euphoria actually exists. I think its kind of like speaking in tongues, I'm not sure I'll ever experience either.
  • I have a date Friday night with my mother. We are going to go see Demons and Angels. I'm kind of excited.
  • My date who is actually my mom, will be staying the night Friday and then going with me to a 5k race Saturday morning to cheer me on, actaully she's going to be running too.
  • Rehearsals for my next play start Thursdays. Its a new musical and I am part of the "ensemble". I don't envy the main characters one bit. I'm nervous enough just to be part of the ensemble. We have to dance and sing at the same time.
  • I'm not a very coordinated person.
  • Skunk update: Neighbor reported yesterday that his dogs did not get sprayed. I'm amazed. He mentions there might be a dead skunk on my property though.
  • I found three reasons this weekend on why I need a man: to hunt down the dead skunk, to fix the fuse in my fuse box that goes to the waterwell, and well, I tend to actually shave my legs when I've got a love interest.
  • Sorry, that last interest was probably too much information.
  • Sigh. Next Sunday's long run is 18 miles. Remind me not to pig out on junk food this week.

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