Wednesday, May 20, 2009


One of the guys I know wants to do something sweet for his wife. He calls me to get my advice on sending flowers. I suggest just calling a local florist in her area and having them delivered from there. He wasn’t sure if it would be cheaper that way or through 1-800 Flowers. Com. Either way, that’s beside the point of why I am writing this. The part that really got my attention was an included plane ticket to Hawaii.

A What?

Yep, a plane ticket to Hawaii for her and her only. He wants to give her a vacation away from him and the kids to “let her get the stress out of her”. I quizzed him on why he wouldn’t want to go with her and said he would love to go with her but he wanted her to have a little vacation away just for her. It was then that I asked him to marry me. He laughed.

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