Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Thoughts

  • Mother's Day was great. I enjoyed the company of my sweet little girls all day. We had lunch at Chili's, I took a nap, we went shopping and they even kept their arguing down to a minimum. I believe they only fought with each other thirty times!
  • I love the stuff they make at school, Sunday school or after school care. Every year I love getting the messy, from the heart, hand made stuff. This year I realized my older baby, is not really a baby anymore. She didn't make anything in school. I blame the TAKS testing.
  • We went shopping in south Fort Worth yesterday which happened to be the closest Foot Locker I could find on the inkernets from my Mom's house. English was NOT the first language of choice at this location.
  • When I say we were the only "white folk"....we were the only white folk. I might have felt a little out of place. Our money still worked there though.
  • I was sitting here typing these thoughts, when my dogs were going crazy and barking up a storm as if in a huge fight. I go outside....whew...I get hit in the face with a strong smell of skunk spray. I whistle at the dogs and they all come running. Two of them start diving around the grass and whimper.
  • I decided they were going to stay outside for the night.
  • A couple of hours later....I hear it a mess of barking again....I go outside to be greeted by an even worse smell. Dogs to the garage.
  • I had sent a text to my neighbor when I heard his dog barking too. I'm not sure if I sent it in time or not. Neighbor offered a trap since the skunk might be hiding under my shed.
  • I woke up with a horrible headache this morning and did not get good sleep. That smell got into my house. Ick. And to think I was concerned over the well being of the skunk and feared what the trap would do to it.
  • Where's that trap?

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