Thursday, May 14, 2009

  • It's Thursday, it's Thursday. I have a photo shoot tonight and if we get finished in time we'll go see Annie Get Your Gun.
  • I have been cast as part of the ensemble in Suburb. I'm still not completely sure I want to do it. The director had called and said, "Guess what you are doing?" "Isn't that fabulous?"
  • It really is supposed to be a dinner theatre which I think might bring in some crowd.
  • One of the gals in the ensemble cracks me up. She'll say the craziest stuff with a complete straight face.
  • A friend called me a couple of days ago to check in on my marathon training and asked what my long run is going to be Sunday. 16 miles. It was then, that I realized I will be running the furthest distance that I have ever run in my life. I've lost my mind.
  • Can you imagine the feeling to completely run a marathon? Losing weight and toning up helps out, but just the thought of finishing is great motivation.
  • I read somewhere that the fun is in the training and not the actual race. Dude, that is so backwards!
  • With all that flu outbreak, I got nervous when my little one was having a sneezing attack. I thought, what if this is the beginning of that swine flu. Oh my, what will I do? I researched online to see if I could find a checklist to go over that would help me determine whether or not she has the flu. I got lucky. I found a website that will answer the question: Do I have the swine flu? Go here.
  • Speaking of things found on the internet. I found this contraption along with a bottle of wine for 13.99. Am I craziest to buy that and believe it works? Probably.
  • I love looking for shapes in the clouds. I was excited to see a favorite cartoon character up there this morning.
  • I'm getting behind on the blogging. I blame the jogging.

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Jarhead said...

What program are you using to train for the marathon?