Friday, July 31, 2009


While I was sitting at lunch yesterday, a news program on tv muted in he background shows the following story. A woman at another table gasps at the tv. A guy with her turns around and says, oh yea...pretty horrible story, huh? She says..oh yea, yea that's sad and all, but did you see how ugly the lady they arrested was?

Family and friends who watched Julie Corey show off a newborn baby girl noticed the signs something wasn't quite right with the baby she said she'd given birth to a day earlier: her seeming to pretend to breast-feed a newborn under a blanket when a bottle of formula was nearby and an umbilical cord tied with a ribbon instead of a clamp.

Then they heard Corey's former neighbor had been found dead with a baby cut from her womb.

Corey, 35, of Worcester, Massachusetts, was held on £1.2 million bail in New Hampshire yesterday, one day after being found with a 4-pound baby girl at a homeless shelter.

Appearing in Concord District Court via video from jail, Corey said little during the hearing and did not waive extradition to be brought back to Massachusetts to face kidnapping charges. Judge Gerard Boyle ordered all police affidavits in the case sealed and scheduled a hearing for August 30.

Corey is accused of kidnapping an infant carried by Darlene Haynes, a 23-year-old mother of three who had been eight months' pregnant and was found dead on Monday in her Worcester apartment. Authorities say she had head trauma, but an exact cause of death has not been determined. The missing fetus was discovered during a post-mortem examination.

Neighbors say Corey and her boyfriend, Alex Dion, used to live in the apartment building where Ms Haynes' body was found.

Dion's relatives told the Telegram & Gazette of Worcester that they met the baby at a family gathering on Saturday, and something didn't seem quite right.

They told the newspaper Corey appeared to be breast-feeding under a blanket although there was a bottle of formula. The baby's umbilical cord also did not look like it had been cut by a doctor, they said.

Police confirmed the baby was found with a ribbon wrapped around her umbilical cord.

Corey has not been charged in Ms Haynes' death, and Worcester, Massachusetts, District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. said investigators are still trying to determine who was involved.

They also want to know if Corey really was pregnant.

Is there any doubt out there that she (and boyfriend) killed the woman?

Full Story here.

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