Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday's Thoughts

  • Three internet videos were watched over and over in my house tonight. The first two I'll post at 10 and 10:15am. Hmmm....wonder who was the fan of those two? The second at 2:00p this afternoon.
  • It's good to have my girls home. My house smells like an odd mixture of cheezits and finger nail polish. I did not sleep comfortably at all with both girls in my bed, yet I didn't mind one bit. Girls are home. I even smiled when they argued...ahhh...my babies are back.
  • I got a text message from the babysitter tonight....she ended it with calling me a Dummie. Made me giggle. She is either A) is a smart child and figured me out. or B) her mother clued her in. (Probably both.)
  • Oh, and of course, I'm sure it was unwarranted!
  • The girls and I discoved a new chinese food buffet in the old KFC building in Decatur Sunday night. Oh my....not bad. Not the biggest selection of all, but it was clean. Very clean. Simple and clean....did I mention it was clean? Maybe it will cause the "competition" to....hmmm....what's the word? Oh yeah.....CLEAN!
  • Sushi wasn't real sushi, it was only buffet sushi, but still....a little wasabi, ginger, soy sauce and a piece of tuna wrapped in rice, vegetable, and seaweed....and you have yourself two little girls giggling at mom's eyes tearing up from too much wasabi.
  • I need to find a sushi joint. My craving is getting worse. Me needs me some sushi. Real sushi.
  • I love love love the rain. I especially love leaving my water sprinkler on while its raining. Three times now, I have had to turn off the water sprinkler in the rain. I turn the sprinkler on while its hot and dry...within thirty minutes it pours outside. It's like I'm turning on the faucet that reaches the clouds above. I'm magical.
  • First time jogging tonight went fairly well. I felt very little shin and ankle pain. I stayed on the treadmill for an hour but took it very easy. It was nice...just nice. I have sooo missed that!
  • I'll pretend that I didn't see the school supply lists out at Walmart this evening when I went there for the second time in the same night. It's still summer. Those pieces of paper should be banned until at least August. It's bad enough that they have been slowly sneaking bins of glue sticks, sharpies and pencils here and there around the grocery isles.....but the lists? Just at least let me have July.
  • We have two outside activities planned for this week. One is a short hangout at a waterpark and the other is an outside trail by a creek that has two bridges and two playgrounds. We're keeping fingers crossed that we can pull this off. (I should probably keep the water sprinkler off both nights.)
  • Monday was long and tiresome at work and it wasn't even that crazy. I like my work. Mondays just aren't my favorite days up there. I think the guys have learned to semi-let me be on Mondays.
  • ADD Thought: I think I got a right second toe injury from wearing flip flops too much on vacation.
  • You may now proceed with your Tuesday.

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