Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday's Thoughts

  • This time last week I was trying to remember what day of the week it was. I miss the vacation.
  • My kiddos are out of town this week with the baby daddy and I always get tickled over the random text messages and emails that I get from them.
  • I sent the, Love you, how's your day one yesterday and got back an "Ugh" in reply.
  • Craziest wedding hook up ever? I'm pretty sure that searching my own name won't result in husband #8 for me.
  • There's a youtube video of Brittney Spears getting hollered at by some woman to get the $#&@! out of Hollywood. What cracked me up was the paparazzi's response to the woman. Be careful not to watch the entire'll get motion sickness. Oh and of course, the has F Bombs in it. Good grief what a pain to be her and followed by that many wonder she's crazy.
  • I got gas this morning next to the cutest guy ever who stopped to compliment me on my husky in the backseat. Hey now...could my dog be a cute guy magnet? I so need to take her out with me more.
  • It's already hump day....which means 4 more days till my kiddos come home. Woo hoo!!!
  • My mom got an iphone yesterday. She lost twenty or more pounds. She text messages me something and throws out the term TMI.....she's become hip. I don't even know her anymore.
  • In other own older daughter stares at me blankly sometimes and asks if I'm "for real". My mom becomes hip and I become....unhip.
  • Did I mention its already Wednesday? (Looking at watch.) How long till I can sleep in Saturday morning?

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