Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursdays Thoughts

  • I knew it wouldn't be long before someone posted a pic of the cover of OK Magazine's Michael Jackson Death Pic. I'm kinda surprised that the pic didn't go for more than the $500,000.
  • Same blog mentions that Michael Jackson may have had a secret stash of 100 songs for the legacy of his childrens.
  • Didn't he claim bankruptcy not too long ago?
  • This weekend will find me hanging out at my grandparent's lake cabin and just having a good time with some family.
  • The downfall of this weekend will be the drive to/from grandma and papa's place....7 hours. Worth it, but still.....7 hours.
  • Six kids last night...I got off work late, went home, escaped eargerly to Walmart, fed kids, cleaned kids, took kids for a walk, bathed kids and kissed them all goodnight. I could never EVER have that many kids full time. I'd go insane. Heck, I'd commit myself.
  • Today my mother is at the house with them and my brother. No one is answering their phones. I'm betting the kids have the adults tied to the kitchen chairs.
  • I moved my belt back a notch. In celebration, I had chicken express for lunch!
  • If I were really smart I would have had ice cream in celebration.

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Kingpin said...

What? No John & Kat Plus 8 for you?