Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hump Day Blogging

  • Crazy can rate other people's body parts. I would upload a pic there, but there wasn't a catergory for elbows.
  • The girls and I went to the water park last night after work. My six year old finally got to ride one of the "big" slides. Fun. Fun. Fun.
  • There is a creature stuck in the AC vent above my desk. You better believe my first task of the day was to send an email to the bosses......I'm not sure they are as concerned as I am. I did note that it could die and stink up the place. This is serious!!
  • Decatur school starts back on August 24th. One year ago (on the first day of school) I accepted a position with my current employer. I like it here. I miss everyone at my last job
  • Peter Pan got married? The self-proclaimed "fairy princess" and "pixie boi" exchanged vows with lyrics from a Led Zeppelin song, and then pinky swears. "A pinky swear, after all," writes the bridegroom, "is unconditionally forever, and something not done unless one really really really means it!"
  • People are wierd.
  • Not me....I'm soooo normal!!
  • My girls will be gone next week for their last summer week with the baby daddy. I'm not sure what I'll do next week. I might clean house, do yardwork, possibly water the lawn in their absence...
  • Look: you can tape yourself and share with the inkernet. I can probably add that to the list of things I probably won't do while childless next week. Probably....
  • I seem to be watching less and less tv these days. The home tv's tend to just stay on the kid's channels. That might change when Survivor comes back on tv.
  • Update on my shin splint injury. I don't think I'll make that full marathon in November. I still want to do a marathon, but it probably won't happen in 2009. Dang shin splint.
  • Now, back on with the day.

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