Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday's Thoughts

  • Twenty pending future inventions as predicted from the past.
  • I tried playing a typing game on facebook last night. I realized two of the high scores I was trying to beat are both very experienced 911 call takers/police dispatchers. Sheesh...their type sure can type fast. A third score might have been my mothers. How does she type so fast?
  • My girls and I walked from our house to a restaurant last night for dinner. It was nice on the way and we all wished we had taken the station wagon for the way back thanks to the full bellies.
  • Yesterday at my desk I realized halfway through the morning that I didn't hear the trapped creature in the air vent. Yesterday I think the bosses were mocking me...they teased that it was probably a tarantula. (By the way, Tara, don't click on that link. Its NSFT=Not Safe For Tara.)
  • Now I wait for the dead creature smell to begin.
  • My grass is finally coming back alive this week, just in time for the kids to go to Baby Daddy's for one last week. Weather prediction for next week: It'll be a scorcher, causing grass to die.
  • Last year I was obsessed with my yard. This year....notsomuch. It seems I can either have a clean house inside or a great looking yard.
  • I'm getting HBO. Seinfeld together on Curb in a closest thing to a reunion as we'll get kind of way.
  • I can't tell you how many times yesterday I made circles with my foot and tried to draw the #6 with my hand and not letting my foot change directions. Failed.
  • I love my dogs....but this is dumb. That just taking things a little too far.
  • K-it's Friday....and, shhhh...don't tell, but I get to take my girls to a Ranger's Game tonight. Let's go Rangers!!

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